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Learning Anatomy and Physiology? – A useful article

What is the best way to learn and understand human anatomy and the human body? In my experience, the best way to learn is from an expert. Someone who understands their subject well enough to explain it to you the student in simple language – explain how to actually do it. The secret lies in following proven lessons and to master every subject one step at a time – both through language and with detailed illustrations.

When I found the Human Anatomy Course, I realized that I had found a course that does exactly this and decided to create a website to share this information with as many students and professionals as possible.

When you are learning a new subject like anatomy it is important to understand what you are learning and secondly it is important to retain what you have learned. Therefore when you look for pathology, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology courses make sure you find a course that has a simple easy to understand layout and is easy to follow. For instance ensure that it is broken into modules that provide lesson objectives, the material that needs to be studied laid out in simple basic language and the opportunity to test what you have learned after each module. So, at the end of each module, expect to see a summary or key facts and test exercises and answers so that you can check your understanding and whether you have achieved your learning objectives.

It is very useful to not only learn from words, but to learn by using illustrations as for most people it is easier to absorb and retain facts when you can physically see what it is that you are trying to learn. Course material supplemented by illustrations, human anatomy diagrams and drawings, pictures, associations, quizzes and so on will greatly assist with knowledge retention.

Another useful technique is called programmed learning. This is especially useful when you want to learn a lot of terminology such as those found when you study pathology, physiology and anatomy. Programmed learning is based on the theory that learning can be best achieved in small incremental steps with immediate reinforcement.

Dr James Ross effectively uses this technique in his award winning online Human Anatomy Course to teach medical terminology in an easy and quick way. So if you are studying human anatomy, find a course or text book that uses programmed learning to help you master the medical terminology.